Aegean A3 A320-200 MXP-ATH in Economy Coach YTak's dispatch released on 9 January 2017

This is my review, or informational post, about flying with Aegean on the A320-200 in economy coach class between Milan and Athens.

The divider between economy and business on this flight is soft meaning no bulkhead. Business class was rows 1 and 2, Economy class started at row 3.

Ample pitch (legroom) is provided, enough to cross your legs if the middle seat is empty. I sat in row 4. However, I think row 5 and onwards back is normal for economy. What I believe is that rows 1 thru 4 are set at business class distance and that the divider was just moved up to behind row 2. This divider changes based on business class load.

Two windows, neither aligned perfectly. Row 3 has two windows with one aligned.

Drop down screens, no IFE. No power ports. Row 3 does have under seat storage due to the soft divider. Slimline seats okay for short trips. 

For some reason I was handed a Kosher meal after food service completed (usually I find special meals arrive on most flights before the standard meals…however, I didn’t order a special meal). It was a large meal of hot chicken shnitzel with rice and vegetables and a tuna cocktail. Much more robust meal than the default option. Discovered it was meant for the passenger behind me.

Each seat has air vent and reading light. Only noted because some planes don’t have adjustable vents.

Candies handed out at departure. Drink service efficient and used paper cups rather than plastic. Felt nice in hand.

Meal provided: hot pasta, lemon cookie, bread sticks. Was quite nice for economy meal on this two hour flight.

Coffee and tea provided after the meal.

Aegean does a good job each time I fly with them. Would fly this Airbus 320-200 again in economy.

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