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You hear his office door open, as you punch into your terminal. He saunters over, a stack of papers in his right hand, several manila folders in his left. He swings around the corner and peers over the side of the gray fabric-clothed cubicle. An empty chair...

The Luxurious Life of Travel – Part III

Posted on 8 May 2017 by Tak Northern Italy Train Window

The Luxurious Life of Travel – Part II

Posted on 9 April 2017 by Tak

The Luxurious Life of Travel – Part I

Posted on 18 March 2017 by Tak TripHash-NYC-Williamsburg-Bridge

#080: El Cielo Negro, Punta del Diablo [Uruguay]

Posted on 3 January 2017 by Tak Punta Diablo Fishing Boats Uruguay

#079: The Squeal, The Click & The Horse [Uruguay]

Posted on 6 December 2016 by Tak Cabo Polonio Uruguay Street Art

#078: The Quest Across the River [Uruguay]

Posted on 21 November 2016 by Tak Sand Dune Uruguay

#077: An Airport, A Bus & A Three-Legged Dog [Uruguay]

Posted on 17 October 2016 by Tak Tree Cluster Ranch Uruguay

#076: El Aeropuerto Es Más Peligroso [Panama]

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Tak Panama City Street Art

#075: ¡Hasta la Vista Havana! [Cuba]

Posted on 6 September 2016 by Tak Havana Cuba Street Scene 3

#074: The Havana Hustle [Cuba]

Posted on 10 August 2016 by Tak Havana Street Scene with British Flag

#073: A Havana Mystery [Cuba]

Posted on 3 August 2016 by Tak Havana Cuba Street Scene IV

#072: The Havana Holdup [Cuba]

Posted on 28 July 2016 by Tak Western Cuba Vinales Tobacco

#071: Dangerous Safety [Mexico City]

Posted on 19 July 2016 by Tak Coloured Houses in Condesa Mexico City

Dodging rain drops and automobiles, you weave towards Mexico City’s Condesa neighborhood. Over the scarred concrete walkways—which invariably disintegrate randomly to dirt before building back—and around murky puddles lapping past the dysfunctional (or perhaps non-existent) storm drains, you make your way.

Hunger is rising, a consequence of having not eaten all day. Another giant puddle has formed by a lively restaurant, the employees trying to divert the liquids away. You hadn’t even bothered to check the weather forecast, oblivious to Mexico City’s potential for schizophrenic weather. Read More →

#070: Short Changed in Mexico City

Posted on 12 July 2016 by Tak Mexico City Airport Landscape

The green light fires and you are on your way past the customs officials in the Mexico City airport. After withdrawing from the ATM, you locate a small convenience store and buy a water to break your larger bills into smaller ones, aware that you will most likely need those to purchase your bus ticket.

The electronic doors slide open, exposing you to the humid air and sound of heavy rain. “Taxi! Taxi!” clashes with your ear as you walk past the taxis in an effort to locate the M3 Metrobus to bring you downtown. You find the ticket machine hiding just beyond those taxis. The machine wants 40 Mexican Pesos (“MXN”), or a little over $2USD. You have the exact change due to your cunning water purchase but the machine is not accepting bills. You only have bills. Read More →

#069: Saigon Showers [Vietnam] Part IV

Posted on 18 May 2016 by Tak