Athens Business Lounge Star Alliance Lufthansa vs AegeanTak's dispatch released on 12 January 2017

The Lufthansa Athens Business Lounge in Athens International Airport (Star Alliance) was overhauled and completed in December 2016. The lounge now exhibits design motifs of other Lufthansa lounges you experience in German airports rather than the awfully dated design that preceded it.

Some may wonder, with the Aegean Star Alliance Business Lounge being next door, which lounge is better

, the Athens Lufthansa Business Lounge or the Aegean Business Lounge.

From a design standpoint, the Lufthansa Athens Business Lounge wins easily.

From a food standpoint that Lufthansa lounge also wins, offering better yogurt, better charcuterie, better beer and liquor selection (with beer on tap) and fresher pastries, etc.

From an amenities standpoint, I like that the Aegean Athens Lounge offers computers and, more importantly, printers which can come in very handy to print a last minute document.

Both lounges use public Athens airport bathrooms so don’t expect anything special there and both lounges are located at the end of the B terminal wing.

However, the nice part is, due to the adjacent location of the Lufthansa Athens Business Lounge and Aegean lounges, you can visit both very easily and determine which suits your preference.

Some photos of the yogurt spread served at breakfast in the Lufthansa Business Lounge:
Lufthansa Business Lounge Athens Greece Yogurt Breakfast

The charcuterie in Lufthansa Lounge
Lufthansa Business Lounge Athens Greece Meat Spread Breakfast

The liquor selection at the Lufthansa Athens Business Lounge:
Lufthansa Business Lounge Athens Beer, Liquors

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