Review: Copa Airlines Economy Chicago To Panama, 737-800Tak's dispatch released on 9 December 2015

This COPA flight departs at 0800. Check in extremely friendly. Gate agent also very friendly. Unfortunately, no lounge is open in the terminal at this time.

Leg space okay for 6′. Shoulder space feels slightly tighter than normal. There are wings on headrests which makes sleep easier. Wings are firm and thus helpful

Small IFE box disrupts aisle seat legroom very slightly. Middle and windows seats have spacious under-seat storage. Exit row (18) middle has two small IFE boxes under the seat ahead. It seems like even number rows have two boxes under the middle seat ahead and odd numbers only have one.


The seat alignment is askew in that the aisle seats have less room. Notice how the armrest does not align to the seat bracket below.


IFE movie selection was quite good with over 50 choices, more robust than expected. IFE screen does not rotate which is a slight annoyance if the seat ahead is fully reclined. Touch sensitivity on the screen was moderately responsive. One annoyance with the movies is inability to skip or jump ahead or back without fast forwarding or rewinding thru the film.

IFE has USB jack. No other power options appear at first glance. Cheap earbud headsets complimentary.

Seat itself has a spongy/terrible lumbar support which is very uncomfortable (subsequent flights were improved). A hardcover book helped during takeoff. I nearly never recline but I was compelled here to correct what seems like an acute angle my back is forced into when upright. A very uncomfortable seat for my back.

The recline trespass factor is quite bad. A full recline from the seat ahead feels to occupy too much of my space.

Fan controls and lighting button both present above. Temperature onboard seems on the colder side. No pillows or blankets provided (blankets were provided on subsequent flights).


Row 19 looks almost directly out at the wing. The handful of rows before (less so as it is forward facing exit row windows) and after (row 20 is impacted for sure) would have obstructed views.


The breakfast was served approx two hours into the flight. Both choices, egg and pancakes, were poor quality. Feels like a cutrate fastfood meal. Metal flatware provided which was appreciated.

Trash pickup took an hour or so, which seemed quite excessive.

Flight attendants seem to have great attitudes but don’t come through the cabin much.

Better than a United flight overall but not as good as a well operated Asian or European carrier. If the seat was more comfortable it’d be much better. Even still, a decent experience overall.

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