American AA 737-800 coach seatsTak's dispatch released on 8 December 2015

Entertainment boxes (free content is worthless, and the remainder of content is for pay) are under rows B, C, D and E in coach. Very uncomfortable as the seats and boxes are misaligned so you have to either crook your legs angled or work with your seat mates to shift under the other seat. Seat pitch itself (knee-room) is fine for 6′.



Even with an empty seat next to you, it is nearly impossible to use a 13″ laptop. If you do, its torture.


Touch controls available for overhead line and fan/air control.

Seats are thin profile. No lumbar support.

Row 16 has a table covering the middle seats. This is row just behind exit row seating. Row behind bulkhead has multiple IFE boxes on aisle seats.

Headrests have small wings. Tray tables half fold with drink indent as well as full outlay.

Seats have USB charging and a full grounded international plug.

Overall, a pretty terrible plane to fly. The new American 737-800 is designed with one thing in mind…profit.

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