Hirbawi Textile – Palestine Kaffiyeh HeadscarfTak's dispatch released on 15 May 2015

I rode out to Hebron and hunted down Hirbawi Textiles – great place to visit. It is the last Palestine manufacturer of the traditional headscarfs. If you are in the market downtown, there are a couple vendors selling these. However, the other vendors are selling Chinese knock-offs which are one of the reasons why all the local factories went under.

I will put more up about this when I get a better moment. In the meantime, thought I’d say a couple things:

From downtown Hebron, you can walk to the factory (even if people say you can’t).

Phone numbers for Hirbawi Textiles in Hebron are 0599-297028 OR 02-2228191 OR 0599-557735 OR 0599-439253. If you are calling internationally, I think you need to add a +972 on there and drop the initial 0.



I also wrote down during notetaking names “Yasser, Abdel Atheem, Judeh (Jouda)”. Yasser is the father.

In the Palestine Market, there is a camera/photography store that goes by Studio Paris. I met a wonderful gentleman in town named Abed Qwasma. He told me to forward correspondance to Studio Paris and that it would get to him. I tried to send him his photograph but it was returned. It has post stamps on it from Hebron so I assume it got nearby, but no luck as it was returned. I wish I could find Abed again…

Scrawled on a paper I have 0599-439239. This is either Abed’s number, Studio Paris’ number or, most likely, a number to Hirbawi.

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