Samurai Jeans Washing Instructions Denim CareTak's dispatch released on 21 April 2015

I headed over to the Samurai Jeans Factory Store (Head Store) and came across washing instructions. I have seen Samurai Jeans washing instructions on Reddit at one point but these instructions seem a little more robust.

1. First off, it deals with size. It mentions that since the jeans are sold in raw, un-washed condition, it is tough and larger than the size it will ultimately be. Once you purchase them, you will need to soak them which will shrink them slightly and wash off the starch. In any case, when you are trying the Samurai jeans on, you should be able to put a flat hand between your waist and the jeans. (That is the amount that will shrink).

Once you soak/wash them, the denim will stretch slightly to conform to you (within reason).

2. For the first soaking, you should turn your Samurai jeans inside out and put them in 35C-40C (95F-105F) for more than 2 hours in order to wash off the starch. They note you should not use water over 45C (113F) as it can ruin the fabric and leather patch.

They note that typically the waist will shrink 2-4cm, the thigh by 1-2cm and the length by 6-8cm.

After the soak, they suggest to put it in the washing machine without detergent/soap and run it on a normal wash cycle. This is to ensure all the starch is out from the jeans. If you have a heavy weight denim, it might be too stiff to be spun in the washing machine. If this is the case, they suggest rubbing the denim to give it more flex.

After the wash cycle, hang it to dry.

3. For hemming, wait until the first soaking.

4. For washing, the jeans should be washed inside-out in lukewarm water. Do not wash in water over 45C (113F). Tumble drying is not recommended as it will cause the jeans to shrink more than expected. Hang drying is the recommended method.

Hope that helps

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