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St Maarteen is the Dutch side. St Martin is the French side.

Best Time to Visit St Maarten

Short Answer: November through May

Longer Answer: If you have an endless checking account, feel free to visit from November to May (high season is Mid-Dec to Mid-Apr with a big boost Christmas to New Years).

If you want nice weather without the big bills, then visit November to mid-December or mid-Apr to early June. Many also visit throughout the summer which is fine. Do note that summer (June) is the start of the hurricane season. However, I don’t think you should adjust your travels because of something that is so random (and usually hurricanes if they come, will come later in summer or early fall). While you might read June starts rainy season, the data would suggest that the only slight change is some more thunderstorms in late Summer, early fall.

In reality, visiting anytime during the year is fine, but if you want the best of weather and value, then November to Mid-December or mid-April to May would be my recommendation, with a preference towards November to mid-December since it is cold in most parts of the northern hemisphere at that time.

Also, the summer nights are a bit warmer than you’d typically like and so months outside the summer are better in that regard as well.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for St Maarten

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