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The best time to visit St Helena and other travel tips. I obtain these travel ideas from a variety of sources such as first hand observations while visiting, personal conversations with locals or others, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth. Enjoy!

St Helena is a tropical island in the South Atlantic between Southern Africa (nearer) and Brazil (farther). It is a British Overseas Territory in the same vain as islands like Bermuda.

Best Time to Visit St Helena

Short Answer: The best time to visit St Helena is anytime of year.

Longer Answer: While the short answer is that the best time to visit Helena is anytime of the year, the longer answer is that it has mild temperatures and thus, the warmest it generally gets is in the 70s F (low to mid 20s C). The warmest time of year would be January to April, when the skies are more clear, and the coolest months are July to November, which is typically more overcast. Rain is most probable to show up in St Helena in April and August but don’t expect much on the northern coast.

Expect wide variables in the weather based on where you are on the island, as well as variations during the day. This is due to its placement in the sea where it is heavily influenced by currents as well as its mountainous landscape. Also, expect a good wind while on the island, which is known to cause havoc at the airport.

The water is warmest February through April and coolest August through November.

The best time to go to St Helena, to me, would be between January and March. Not only are the temperatures warmest, and the skies clear, but it is also the best time to swim with whale sharks.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for St Helena

Up until late-2017, the only way to visit St Helena was via the sea, with the most popular version being aboard the mail ship. However, air service has just begun via JNB in South Africa and WDH in Namibia. There are problematic wind sheer conditions that exist at the airport and thus the types of planes that can land are more limited.

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