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Best Time to Visit South Africa

South Africa is a large country with various climates and thus you can find something good to do at any time of the year. However, depending on what you are looking for, the best time to visit South Africa would be as follows:

Best Time for the Beach

If you want to go to the beach in Cape Town or the Western Cape, a great time to go would be between November and March, but realize that high season brings higher prices.

Best Time for Safaris and Birding

The best time to visit for a safari would probably be between May to September or October during the dry season when it is easier to spot animals. Whereas for birding, November to February would be better.

Best Time for Budget Travel

If you wanted to see Cape Town for less, try going in June to August. The weather will require a sweater, and it won’t be a good time for swimming, but it can be an excellent time to hike and explore on a cheaper budget.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for South Africa

If you are looking to see southern right whales, a great place to go would be the retirement town of Hermanus. Go between mid-June and October.

For things to do in Cape Town, you could hike the Platteklip Gorge Trail up Table Mountain. Also you can check out the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, including the Shipwreck Trail.

There are a lot of coffee roasters in Cape Town where you can try locally-roasted African beans.

Check out the Neighbourhoods Market on Saturday at Old Biscuit Mill.

South African Wine

South Africa has several wine regions which are legally defined. Unlike some places, all South African wines must be composed entirely of grapes from its region.

One of the most famous spots in the Coastal Region would be Stellenbosch which is a short drive from Cape Town. Another popular area to visit would be Constantia which is a suburb of Cape Town. North of Stellenbosh is the warmer Paarl region. And for a cooler zone, check out Walker Bay. This only scratches the surface.

Grapes are harvested between January and March generally.

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