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Rwanda is a landlocked country in east Africa known for its natural beauty, mountain gorillas and coffee production.

Best Time to Visit Rwanda

Short Answer: June through September

Longer Answer: July is typically the driest month in Rwanda, with rain tapering off in June and steadily rising to November. For December and January the rain levels off some before peaking in April. As such, for clear weather, the best time to go is mid-June through mid-August, with anytime between June and September just fine.

If looking for gorillas, you should expect more rain in Parc National des Volcans (and its feeder town, Musanze) than what falls in Rwandan’s capital of Kigali.

Temperatures are generally pretty constant in Rwanda, thanks to the location near the equator, and bearable, thanks to Rwanda’s higher elevations.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Rwanda

Permits to see gorillas in Parc National des Volcans have increased $750USD to $1500 as of May 2017. The permits are cheaper in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. The permits, which allow for one hour with the gorillas, are priced as to reduce tourist numbers for the well being of the gorillas and for sustainability. There has also been a 30% discount offered to those traveling in November through May (low-season) who visit other Rwandan National Parks for 3 days or more. January is the best month if trying to take advantage of that. Obviously permit pricing is apt to change.

Coffee harvesting in Rwanda hits a peak between April and July.

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