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Best Time to Visit Oman

The best time to visit Oman is between September and April. Avoid May to August as its very hot. Unless, you are heading south, read on…

You do not need to worry too much about rain ruining your vacation. Heat is more the issue. If you do go when it rains, say around January, it will generally be a quick, heavy rainfall that clears up.

While you just read that the best time to visit Oman is anytime except for May through August, the longer answer is that one of the most popular times in southern Oman is mid-June to mid-September, give or take. This period is known as the Khareef Season which is characterized as a monsoon season.

Many people go to the city of Salalah and surroundings at this time because the monsoon season creates lush, green landscapes, the moist air creates fog and overall the weather allows a part of Oman (and the Middle-east) which offers a respite from the heat.

If you are into nature and landscapes, this would probably be a good time to visit. With all that noted, it is of course without surprise that this is peak season.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Oman

Rose harvest typically begins in April, with the flowers blooming from March to early May. A good place to see the damask roses would be the Green Mountains (Jabal Al Akhdar). Likewise, in the same area, pomegranates begin to flower in February, and are harvested in August through October. So if you go to this region in March, a lot should be flowering.

Oman would be a good place to buy, and to observe the making of, rose water. They also make smoked rose water.

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