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Best Time to Visit Namibia

Short Answer: May thru October

Longer Answer: May is the beginning of the dry season so you still get the greenery but improving better weather. May through August are the more comfortable months of the year with cool nights (quite cold nights in desert). September and October are dry months but growing hotter. Generally the further into the dry season, the more the animals will concentrate together at watering holes (and thus optimal for viewing)

The November through April period is good for bird watching but the temperatures can get quite high, with rain almost exclusively falling in this zone (especially January thru March). However, the desert in Namib-Naukluft National Park is a good place for birding and flowers blooming at this time (if you don’t mind the heat). The rain comes in bursts.

If you are there in the November through April timeframe, at least that is a great time to visit the Skeleton Coast in the north. However, be prepared with anti-malarial medications, especially at that time.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Namibia

Figure two to four weeks to drive the country, 4×4 recommended

Malaria is more an issue in the north and not an issue in the central and southern zones. Further, malaria is less of an issue in the drier winter (June through October)

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