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Best Time to Visit Morocco

Short Answer: May to mid-June

Longer Answer: There are two ways to look at this. The first is I asked a Moroccan who told me the best time of year is May into early June. He said the weather is the best then and it is before the kids get out of school, before the expats flood back to visit family and before tourists go on holiday in the summer months. Many Moroccans working overseas return back to Morocco in July and August (when temperatures can be uncomfortably hot). He was not overly keen on September and October either, noting unstable weather and so forth.

I have always found it interesting asking people when the best time to visit is, because often it doesn’t totally jive with data. Which is right?

If you look at the data, then July and August can be quite hot, especially inland. Rain doesn’t appear much of a problem in Morocco but there is definitely a rainy season from somewhere after September, peaking in November and finally ending sometime in early May. This jives exactly with what he is saying. His aversion to September and early October is not so backed up by the data per se, but what does that mean?

Generally, the data would say you should visit Morocco between March and May; September and October. And if you want to go with the local viewpoint, you are best off visiting Morocco between May and mid-June.

The one thing I do note is to watch where Ramadan falls in the calendar cause it seems like it falls right in the sweetspot. I will ask how this impacts things.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Morocco

Visit Asilah and Chefchaouen for rugs, towels and so forth. Then head to Fez.

Madini Parfumeur in Tangier will re-create any perfume. They sell an array of essential oils (recommend neroli or rose soap and geranium oil) and perfumes. It is on the tourist circuit but could be interesting anyways.

Buy a tangine, textiles, spices in Morocco.

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