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The best time to visit Kyrgyzstan and other travel tips. I obtain these travel ideas from a variety of sources such as first hand observations while visiting, personal conversations with locals or others, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth. Enjoy!

Kyrgyzstan is a former soviet republic in Central Asia. Mountainous in landscape, it is popular for hiking, birding and other outdoor pursuits.

Best Time to Visit Kyrgyzstan

Short Answer: May through October

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Kyrgyzstan depends on your elevation. If you are going to be heading into nature for hiking and not getting too high up, then anytime from June through early September is great. If you are heading into high elevations, you’ll want to do July or August. If staying at low elevations, or places like Bishkek, you’ll be best served in June, September and October.

Generally, expect the most rain to come in the April and May timeframe. However, this shouldn’t be anything drastic generally. The lightest rainfall is typically around August. That said, high season is generally July and August (as in most places, due to that generally being the standard vacation time in Europe, USA, et. al).

Thus, unless you are really heading into high elevations, the best time to visit is between June and October, with June, September or October my picks. If I were to pick any one month to visit Kyrgyzstan, I’d say September is the best.

Skiing is found in Kyrgyzstan and is best experienced in January and February.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Kyrgyzstan

Check out the Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve and its namesake Lake Sary-Chelek.

Arslanbob is a village in Kyrgyzstan that is home to the largest walnut forest in the world. Walnuts are harvested in late September onwards, with the official harvest in the forest beginning on October 2.

Generally no visa is required for many of us – and lasts for 60 days.

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