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Kiribati is an independent republic comprised of 33 islands (21 inhabited) in the central Pacific Ocean. If you think of a point between Hawaii and Australia you are in the correct ballpark. It has not changed much from how it has been for many years.

Note that in the language, the letters “ti” sound like an “s” and thus the island is pronounced Kiribas (KIRR-i-bahs)

Best Time to Visit Kiribati

Short Answer: June through Mid-November

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Kiribati for the best weather would be September and October, when the rainfall and humidity are generally at their lowest. Kirabati has very consistent temperature all year, with average highs around 90F/32C, and average low a sulty 80F/27C.

While the rainy season in Kiribati runs somewhere in November to sometime in April, you will most likely experience rain at all times of the year. The dry season has about as much rain at NYC experiences, the wet season about double (although some of that is just heavier rains and not double the frequency of rain).

On the upside, if you go in December and January, you may see sea turtles nesting with the baby turtles hatching sometime around February.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Kiribati

Getting to Kiribati generally involves flying on Fiji Airways or Our Airline. Ferry service may also run but do note that there have been several tragic incidences involving ferries in Kiribati, with the latest in early 2018. As such, I am not sure whether what ferry is running or not.

Just because you are in the middle of the ocean does not mean you are in pure water. Half the population lives in South Tawara. Sewage is pumped into the sea and drinking water is contaminated although there have been projects to improve this. Further, due to the islands makeup, there is no where to put the trash so it piles up. It might be a worthwhile effort to get to the farther out islands.

For more information check www.kiribatitourism.gov.ki

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