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Best Time to Visit Kenya

Short Answer: January through mid-March, June through October.

Longer Answer: It depends what you are going for really but generally you’ll want to avoid November into December and late-March through May as those are the rainy months. If you want to see the Wildebeest Migration, then you’ll want to do late June through early October.

The worst time from a weather standpoint is late-March through May as that is when the rains are heaviest. In the November to February timeframe, you can get quick rains later in the day. January and February are great times to go. March is mostly a good time to go and more affordable.

Obviously, the landscape is going to be greener during the rainier months and browner during the dry months. The former is nice for landscapes, the latter is nice for spotting animals. Further, the drier weather forces animals to concentrate towards water sources.

So long story short, the best time to visit Kenya would be January, February, early March, June, July, August, September and October. The only time I’d say is best avoided would be the late-March through May timeframe (if able).

Visitor numbers are often at their peak in July, August and sometimes December. Given that January and February are better than December – try to delay a month or two. If saving money is the goal, March is a nice play.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Kenya

Best practice is to obtain a visa before you travel from the official site

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