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Jordan is a middle-eastern country that has been politically stable for quite a while. The top attraction is Petra, an archaeological area with structures carved from sandstone cliffs.

Also accessible would be the Dead Sea and the port/resort city of Aqaba.

Best Time to Visit Jordan

Short Answer: May through October

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Jordan is generally between May and October with the caveat that July and August can be quite hot (90F/32C in Amman, slightly cooler in Petra). Most of this timeframe, starting later in May into early October, can be characterized by clear skies. Rainfall occurs mostly between November and March, maxxing out in December, January and February. That said, it does not rain heavily nor often even in that timeframe. By May, the rain has mostly ceased and it should be dry until mid or late October.

If you are heading to Aqaba, generally avoid June through mid-September due to the excessive heat. If you are there for water sports/resorts, generally the best time to visit is May and October. Otherwise, March and November are beautiful months for land activities. Generally, it will be comfortable in Aqaba except for the summer months.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Jordan

Visas can be obtained on arrival by plane for many nationalities. Check rules here. As of this writing, expect to pay over $55USD for a single entry visa on arrival.

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