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Best Time to Visit Iran

Short Answer: March to May & Mid-September to October

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Iran will be when its not too hot, not too cold, and not a ghost town. It is pretty spicy in Iran between June and August. It can be quite cold in Iran from December through February. You’ll want to avoid the religious holiday of Ramadan which lasts a month and varies where it falls depending on the year.

If you are visiting Tehran, don’t expect much rain. The winters don’t generally get far below freezing overnight and are just below 10C(50F) so not too bad. The summer is definitely on the hot side and I wouldn’t bother visiting then. Best time to visit Tehran I think would be April, May and Mid-September to October.

If you are visiting Tabriz in the north western zone of Iran, I’d say the best time to visit is anytime other than July, August (too hot) and December through February (too cold). Rain peaks in April or May and November but it is a rather small amount so nothing to change plans over.

The best time to visit Mashad, in eastern Iran, would be much the same as Tehran, with hot summers and cold (but not too bad) winters.

The best time to visit

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Iran

I was told the following are good places to see:
Taq Bostan – historical place in western Iran
Anahita Temple (Mabad Anahita) – northern Iran, good for resting
The Anahita Temple doesn’t look so great but who knows.

There is an unfortunate caution that I was alerted to, and that is visiting Iran makes it more difficult to visit the US due to silly US governmental policies. Basically it goes like this: If you have visited Iran after March 1, 2011, you generally will not qualify for the Visa Free Waiver Program that the US offers international visitors. In this case, you’d have to apply for a visa which wastes your time and money. I wish I could get rid of policies like this but alas…

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