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Haiti is a Creole and French-speaking country in the Caribbean which was one of France’s most valuable colonial holdings, in large part due to its coffee crop. Now it is one of the world’s poorest countries economically. However, there are simmering signs of life from the embattled country with its pristine natural gems but large challenges remain in areas such as providing basic infrastructure.

Best Time to Visit Haiti

Short Answer: December through March

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Haiti is between December and March when you are more apt to have clear skies and (relatively) lower, or at least more comfortable, temperatures. Expect the most rain in the months of May and October. Typically July is a dry month but note that the June through October period is when humidity is highest. Within this period is also when hurricanes are apt to strike, typically from August through October).

Any stifling heat can be counteracted by heading to higher elevations.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Haiti

Coffee harvesting in Haiti runs between September and February, with coffee first being harvested in lower elevations and working its way through the season to the higher elevations. Some books I have read note that it is most concentrated in September and October.

Popular tourist towns run along Haiti’s southern coast; places such as Port Salut, Coteaux and Jacmel.

A popular attraction outside Jacmel is the Bassin Bleu waterfall.

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