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Guyana is an English-speaking country located in northeastern South America. Hiking to waterfalls and other natural features is popular in Guyana as is birding. Traveling into the interior will often mean boarding planes or boats with some 4×4 mixed in. Do everything you can to travel light to places like Guyana. Travel can be slow and any wish to expedite things will strain cautious budgets.

Note that Guyana is not a cheap country within which to travel.

Best Time to Visit Guyana

Short Answer: February and March

Longer Answer: On the coast of Guyana, such as the capital of Georgetown, the best time to visit is February and March when the humidity, precipitation and temperatures are at their relative lows (even though that is still not what most would consider comfortable).

On the coast, there are two rainy seasons, April through August and the shorter late-November through January season.

If you are seeking out waterfalls, such as Kaieteur Falls, the best time to visit the interior of Guyana is mid-July through August which is the back half of the rainy season. This typically will have waterfalls at their strongest with the hope that the rain is starting to taper for you.

The interior in the wet season can lack good ground transportation but the locals will travel by boat (or plane) which can be an experience. Some areas require you to get creative, like hitching rides with mining trucks or otherwise.

If you don’t want to visit gushing waterfalls, or just want to avoid the rainiest months, then your best months are typically in February and March, with the dry season running from September through mid-April.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Guyana

Mashramani is an annual Carnival-like festival typically held on February 23.

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