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Guinea-Bissau is a country in Western Africa, not to be confused with the separate country of Guinea to its south, Papua New Guinea in the southwestern pacific or Guyana in South America.

Best Time to Visit Guinea-Bissau

Short Answer: Mid-November through January

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Guinea-Bissau, if you want the least rain, is between December and April. This is a result of the Harmattan winds which blow in from the Sahara, having the potential to cause hazy days (and, with bad visibility, canceled flights). Besides warding off the rain in Guinea-Bissau, the Harmattan can create pretty sunrises and sunsets due to the dusty air. Temperatures feel hotter as the dry season progresses making mid-November through mid-January the most comfortable times to visit.

There is not as much rain in Guinea-Bissau as there is in Guinea to the south, however, it is still quite rainy during the wet season which peaks in August, with the start sometime in May and the end sometime in November.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Guinea-Bissau

Check out the Bijagos Archipelago, a collection of islands off Guinea-Bissau’s coastline. Do note that this is part of the cocaine route from South America to Europe so mind your business.

Good idea to take precautions for yellow fever and malaria.

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