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Guinea is a country in Western Africa, not to be confused with Guinea-Bissau to its north, Papua New Guinea in the southwestern pacific or Guyana in South America.

Best Time to Visit Guinea

Short Answer: Mid-November through April

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Guinea, if you want the least rain, is between December and April. This is a result of the Harmattan winds which blow in from the Sahara, having the potential to cause hazy days (and, with bad visibility, canceled flights). Besides warding off the rain in Guinea, the Harmattan can create pretty sunrises and sunsets due to the dusty air. Temperatures feel hotter as the dry season progresses so visit in mid-November through January for more comfort.

Conakry, Guinea’s coastal capital city, gets a lot of rain during the wet season, with the peak months for rain being July and August. Not a great idea to visit in the wet season unless you want to see copious amounts of rain.

To visit the interior of Guinea, such as the Fouta Djallon highlands, the best time is late November through early January when the temperatures are more comfortable than the following months and the landscape green from the past rainy season.

Nzerekore sees the least rain in December and January

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Guinea

The Fouta Djallon highlands are good for hiking, culture, etc. Labe is a big gateway town into the highlands and also a known trading post.

From Conakry, check out the nearby islands, also known as Iles de Los.

Visit the town of Nzerekore on Wednesdays (or check if still the case) for the market that pops up. Might be able to find inexpensive silver in town.

To the east of Nzerekore is the Mount Nimba region which is known for its biodiversity including chimpanzees which use stone tools, pygmy hippos and an array of orchids. Unfortunately, while the area has some great biodiversity and species not seen elsewhere, it also has some of the highest quality iron ore which means there is a lot of pressure to increase mining in the area.

Good idea to take precautions for yellow fever and malaria.

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