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Best Time to Visit Greece

Short Answer: Islands: May to September. Athens: September to June.

Longer Answer: For the Greek Islands: Late May, June, September to avoid crowds. Go in July and August if you want the best nightlife. If you don’t mind a lack of amenities, infrastructure and some less than stellar weather, going to the islands during the winter will certainly be cheaper and nearly free of tourists.

The best time to visit Athens is anytime other than July and August when I think it is too hot for comfort and it is crawling with tourists. There is an uptick in rain going into the winter months of November and December but nothing that should scare you away. If you are lucky, you can watch it snow, a rarity. Athens generally hits highs above 10C/50F in the coldest months. Plus, I believe many of the workers head back to the mainland during the islands off season and that can bode well for nightlife.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Greece

Greek Islands (this is in process, pardon the blanks)
Santorini: Popular, Laid Back. Gets going in May. High season in July-August.
Mykonos: Energetic Island.
Ios: known as younger party island but has scenic side as well. Cheaper than Santorini or Mykonos. Close to Santorini. Stay in Chora (check out Armonia Pension, Island House), walkable to beaches, nightlife, etc. Nice beaches? Manganari beach, Koumbara beach.
Sifnos: Leans toward quiet side with some restaurant and bar choices
Naxos: More lively than Sifnos but less so than the more popular islands. Nice beaches.
Paros: Cheap
Delos: Rich archaeological site

You can book ferry tickets with Amphitrion and pick up at the airport. To get to Mykonos from airport you can either fly or you can take a bus to Rafina (45 mins) and then a ferry.

Greek donuts are called loukoumades, more prolific in the winter months.

Greek Liquors: Besides the prolific ouzo, seek out the retsina wine, which is made with pine resin.

My Travel Adventures in Greece

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