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Georgia, a country straddling between Asia and Europe, contains mountains and beach (on the Black Sea). Generally you are better off exploring the interior and the higher elevations for the landscape and hiking. The beaches are not its strong point. Some people look into combining a trip to Georgia with a trip to Armenia and/or Azerbaijan while in the region.

Best Time to Visit Georgia

Short Answer: May through September

Longer Answer: To visit the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, the best time would be between May and September, with the best months June and September. The weather is warm but not too hot as it sometimes is in July & August. Less rain falls in September versus May and June but all these months are fine. The rest of the year is generally fine as well, with average temperatures above 10C/50F between mid-March and mid-November. So really, for the capital, anytime is fine if you don’t mind some winter weather.

In the higher elevations in the northwest, such as Svaneti, May through September are nice with the clearest skies in July and August. Rainfall is pretty similar. Due to the great temperatures in July and August, book your lodging earlier.

Further to the east, near Chechnya, in a place like Shatili, expect even cooler temperatures, making June through mid-September good from a temperature perspective, but August and September better as there is less rainfall.

On the shoreline, June through August is nice. By September, the rain has kicked up more. Thus, try to stick with June through August.

Obviously, if you want to go skiing, then November into early April should be good.

Grape Harvest: September into early October

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Georgia

Places to look into: Svaneti (popular hiking, landscapes), Kakheti, Shatili, Vardzia, Kazbegi, Tusheti, Batumi (popular sea resort), Abudelauri Lakes

For the beach, apart from Batumi (which isn’t the cleanest water), look into Gonio or Kvariati. The government is pushing Anaklia for tourism (Electronic festival end of July, early August). Note that most Georgian beaches are not sand, but stones.

Getting Around: Marshutka (shared minivan)

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