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Best Time to Visit The Gambia

Short Answer: December and January

Longer Answer: November through May would be the dry season in the Gambia. December and January are the least hot months in the dry season, and thus are the best time to visit although it can get quite cool at night as there is a giant variation between day (90F/32C) and night (65F/18C) temps. Hot temperatures, low humidity and low tourist numbers run into May.

June to November is a good time to see birds in their mating colours in the Gambia however much of the birding happens in the dry season, principally because it is dry. I would recommend November given the improving weather and plumage, as well as December through February given the nice conditions.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for The Gambia

Anti-malarials recommended especially if visiting the Gambia in rainy season through December.

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