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Gabon is a French-speaking country in Central Africa on the west coast.

A highlight for visitors to Gabon is the Loango National Park, which combines savanna, beach, mangrove swamp and forest. Within the park, and at the white sand beaches, one can see hippopotamus, elephants, monkeys, and so forth. Tarpon fishing is also popular in the ocean off the coast (which also has a high concentration of whales and dolphins). The tarpon are some of the largest in the world. A littany of other fish are also sought after such as kobs, threadfins, barracuda and snapper.

Best Time to Visit Gabon

Short Answer: Mid-December through Mid-February for best wildlife and fishing. June through September for most comfortable temperatures, less rain and, from July onwards, whalewatching. July and Mid-October for mandrills.

Longer Answer: The best time to visit Loango National Park in Gabon is a choice of weather vs wildlife. The best time to see most of the land animals at the beach would be in the wet season that runs from October through April. Within that time period, mid-December to mid-February is when you get less rain, blue skies and nice light. Furthermore, this period from December to mid-February is when fruit is plentiful which draws gorillas and other animals to the coast. Thus, that would be the best time to go to see the wild animals, etc. Fishing is also great during the rainy season. However do note, rainy season is also when the mosquitoes and flies are happiest.

If you want the least rain, the lowest humidity levels and most comfortable temperatures, visit Gabon in June through mid-September. Mid-July through September is a great time for seeing whales and dolphins. While the land animals won’t be in full force by the beach, you should be able to find them in the inland forests (which makes them harder to spot). So not an optimal time for land animals and thus, I don’t think this is a great time to visit. One bonus at this time would be if you headed to Lope National Park between July and mid-October when the mandrills, an old-world primate resembling a baboon, are mating.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Gabon

Yellow Fever vaccination required. Anti-malarials strongly recommended.

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