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French Guiana is a French-speaking country on the northeastern coast of South America. Transportation can be difficult and is not cheap as you might expect. However, the lack of tourism infrastructure is because tourist numbers are low giving this region of South America an advantage for those looking for something different.

Best Time to Visit French Guiana

Short Answer:

Longer Answer: Mid-August through mid-November is the driest (and hottest) part of the year in French Guiana’s capital city of Cayenne. Significant rain falls the rest of the year, especially between late-December and May.

Expect hot temperatures year around.

The best time for seeing sea turtles, including leatherbacks, laying their eggs would be in May and June. Thus, hatching follows in July and August.

If French Guiana culture and partying is what you seek, then look up the dates for Carnival which usually falls in February.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for French Guiana

A popular trip accessible by bus and catamaran from Cayenne is visiting the Islands of Salvation (Iles du Salut) which hosted a former prison which is now a historical site. Three islands make up the Salvation Island’s including Royal Island (Ile Royale), Devil’s Island (Ile du Diable) and Ile Saint Joseph (Saint Joseph Island). Royal Island is the largest and most visited for its crumbling prison infrastructure, etc. St Joseph’s Island has a nice prison at the top of the hill with chains still present. Devil’s Island, while off limits to visitation can be visited if you try hard enough and pay the piper. Expect spiders, fire ants, mosquitoes and thick forest growth.

Île du Diable (Devil’s Islands)
Île Royale (Royal Island) was once the administrative headquarter and where the director resided.
Île Saint-Joseph (Saint-Joseph Island)

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