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Best Time to Visit Fiji

Short Answer: May to Mid-October

Longer Answer: For the best combination of value and lower tourist numbers, head to Fiji in May, June or early October. For peak season weather, July through September is a great time to go.

Water temperatures will be coldest in the August or September timeframe, ranging from 75F (24C) to 79F (26C) and not the 70F (21F) you’ll see some people citing, however, it can feel cooler due to the currents and, if diving, wet suits are definitely helpful.

The big reason I would prefer to go to Fiji between May and October is the lower humidity and temperatures. July and August are the best months as far as that is concerned.

December through mid-April is when the most rain falls and thus when humidity is most uncomfortable.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Fiji

Try Kokoda, marinated (often spicy) raw fish

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