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The Faroe Islands are a rugged archipelago in the North Atlantic renowned for it great hiking, landscapes, birdlife and nature. It is not a large expanse, and you can cover much of it in a half week, although that doesn’t allow as much time to get crazy with hiking or exploring more remote areas.

Best Time to Visit the Faroe Islands

Short Answer: May to September

Longer Answer: Year around you can expect cool, chilly weather in the Faroe Islands. Generally May and June are the driest months with the rain increasing to its peak between late September and January. Temperatures are highest between mid-June and mid-September, peaking in late-July and August. That said, expect the warmest temperatures to average something just above 50F(10C). Temperatures stay within a reasonably tight band, so winter is probably warmer than you’d think it would be and summer is probably colder than you’d think it would be. Also, the Faroe Islands, given their location and exposure, experience drastic weather swings on any given day. You should basically expect it to be cool, with highly variable weather conditions and wind.

If you visit October through April, you should not expect much tourist infrastructure to be available or accessible. If you are interested in things like tours and such, this is not a great time to visit. Instead you’ll want to go sometime in May through September.

As with most places this close to a pole, the length of daylight is a very real factor. Going in the months around the summer solstice (June 21) will mean much longer days for exploration. If you want to see the northern lights, then you’ll want to reverse that and go between October and March.

A couple notes, Grindadrap is the whale hunt which occurs around the beginning of July. Also, the days around July 29 can get busy due to the large summer festival of Olavsoka.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for the Faroe Islands

Certainly visit Mykines, which is an island on the western side of the Faroe Islands, access via the Island of Vagar. The Island of Vagar is where planes fly into. From there, take the ferry (schedule here) or a helicopter. This is a great place to see puffins (in the summer) and remote landscapes.

To get to the Faroe Islands you’ll most likely either fly from Denmark or Iceland. There can be flight as well from England and Norway. The other method is via boat, for instance from Iceland.

Try Skerpikjøt – wind-dried sheep shank, often served on rye.

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