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Much of Ethiopia is at high elevations and so temperatures reflect that. However, in the low lands, temperatures can be scorching.

Ethiopia is good for nature, landscapes, textiles, coffee and historical remnants. Ethiopia is said by many to be the birthplace of coffee.

Best Time to Visit Ethiopia

Short Answer: October and November. However, anytime between mid-September and mid-May should generally be good.

Longer Answer: Generally the best time to visit Ethiopia is anytime other than from mid-May to August as that is when most of the rain falls. If you must travel in this period, it should be fine nontheless in most areas.

The Simien Mountains is best visited between Mid-September and November, but fine anytime other than rainy season in the May to August timeframe. By mid-September, the rains should have dissipated. By October, the landscape is green, flower blooming, wildlife, etc.

The Danakil Depression is best visited November through February as it is one of the hottest, driest places on earth.

Lalibela is good anytime from mid-September through mid-May (drier and clearer skies).

Omo Valley is best visited anytime other than mid-March to mid-May due to rain. Temperatures are hot there as it is lower elevation.

The capital of Addis Ababa can be quite rainy in the wet season. Shoot to be there sometime between October and May, with the driest months being November through January.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Ethiopia

Check out the Danakil Depression for bizarre landscapes, geothermal/volcanic activity and such.

Lalibela is great if interested in historical architecture such as the churches cut from solid rock.

Omo Valley, while very remote, is a good spot for tribal, cultural, landscapes.

Head to Ethiopia’s former capital of Gondar for old castles, such as Fasil Ghebbi

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