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El Salvador is one of the lesser visited countries in the region. People generally visit for colonial architecture, beaches and surfing. The interior has rain forests and coffee plantations.

Best Time to Visit El Salvador

Short Answer: December to Mid-March

Longer Answer: El Salvador generally has warm to hot temperatures year around. The dry season experiences higher temperatures but also less humidity (and clearer skies). The dry season in El Salvador runs between mid-November to mid-April or so, with the humidity dropping by December and returning in late March. The rainy season sees overcast skies and muggy air. Heavy rains can make travel difficult.

High seasons in El Salvador, like most areas in the region, exist around Christmas and Easter.

Surfers like to visit from late-March onwards, with late-March through April being one of the better periods due to nice waves and weather. Nice, consistent swells arrive at that time and last through rainy season (mid-November). Thus, if you don’t mind the rain or travel issues that could occur, the best time to visit for surfers is essentially until mid-November.

June to November is a good time to visit El Salvador if you want to see turtles laying eggs or being hatched.

The best time to visit to see the coffee harvest in El Salvador would be during the dry season, and more specifically between December and March.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for El Salvador

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