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Best Time to Visit Ecuador

Short Answer: Galapagos: February, March, April & May. Beachlife: December through April. Quito/Quilota Loop: June through September.

Longer Answer: Ecuador has a plethora of climates.

For the best time to visit the Ecuador Beaches: Mid-December through early-May is best time despite it being rainy season as you get more sun and warmer temperatures. Rains are mostly in the late afternoon and not ruinous to a vacation. The dry season suffers from chronic overcast skies.

For the best time to visit Galapagos, go anytime. Summer (Mid-June through August) & Winter (Around Christmas) are the higher seasons during normal school holidays. December to Mid-May: Higher temperatures (comfortable year-around, most humid & hottest in March), more Rain (spot showers, days are still sunny/clear), possible spring flower blooms, warmest ocean temperatures (better for snorkeling) and calmest waters. During El Nino, more rain. Better water visibility is generally in the middle of this period. Weather is generally fine all year with slight variations.

For animals: January (Land Birds Nesting, Iguanas become colorful), February (Flamingos & Iguanas Nesting, Frigate Birds), March (Iguanas Nesting, Frigate Birds), April (Albatrosses, Turtle Hatching, Frigate Birds), May (Turtle & Iguana Hatching), June (Giant Tortoise Nesting, Migration Birds), July (Whales, Dolphins, Blue-Footed Boobies at best), August (Migration Birds, Flamingo Courtship), September (Penguins, Sea Lions, etc), October (Birds, Turtles, Sea Lions), November (Snorkel with Sea Lion pups, Calmer Seas, etc), December (Tortoise Egg hatching, Sea Turtles, Migrating Birds). The point is – things are happening at all times of year. Do a search for: animal calendar Galapagos.

For the best time for visiting Quito or hiking the Quilotoa Loop the temperatures are pretty consistent with clearer skies Mid-May through September. January through May rainy & overcast with the driest time of the year July and August.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Ecuador


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