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The Comoros Islands are roughly between Madagascar and Mozambique, off the east coast of Southern Africa.

Best Time to Visit Comoros

Short Answer: Mid-May to November

Longer Answer: December through April is rainy in the Comoros Islands. May is when the rains start to taper off so shoot more for late May vs early May. July is a perfect month with the temperatures and humidity the most pleasant of the year, and the rain at a minimum. Compared to June, July and August, September, October and November are more rainy (just not as much as the wet season between December and April). Just so you know, November is one of the warmer/hotter months. Thus, from a weather perspective, the best time to go to Comoros is June through August, but going in late May through November are good as well.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Comoros

Comoros is a Muslim country that shuns alcohol. You can find it from non-natives and in some establishments that cater to travelers. Be discrete as to not offend. Same with bathing wear.

Typically a visa is required to visit Comoros, purchased upon arrival.

One of the poorest countries in the world; has an active volcano; sometimes conflicts springs up.

Locals friendly.

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