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The Cocos Keeling Islands, or the Cocos Islands, are located in the Indian Ocean, roughly between the west coast of Austrlia and the Maldives, aka, in the middle of nowhere. Access is generally going to be a flight from Perth, sometimes with a stop at Christmas Island. You must plan properly given that, as of 2017, there are only 2 flights a week.

The Cocos Keeling Islands are English speaking (with some Malay) and part of Australia.

Best Time to Visit the Cocos Keeling Islands

Short Answer: Year-round

Longer Answer: The temperatures on the Cocos Keeling Islands are relatively steady, always warm. Rain is slightly elevated February through July but typically consists of passing showers or evening showers. November to April, less wind. June through September good for wind sports like kite surfing, with lower humidity in this timeframe.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for the Cocos Keeling Islands

Home Island is moreso Muslim with Malaysian roots. West Island is moreso Christian with Euro/Australian roots. Ferry service between the two.

Direction Island, uninhabited with great beaches and snorkeling with sharks amidst coral.

The Cocos Keeling Islands are not self-sufficient and supported by Australia.

Great diving. Great beaches. Great birding.

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