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Best Time to Visit the Canary Islands

Short Answer: For beach, June to October. Otherwise, year-round.

Longer Answer: December to April you should have highs in the 60’s (15.5-20.5C). May to November, highs run typically in the 70s (21-26C).

More or less inundated at peak times in the winter (December through February), the weather is not quite warm enough for great beach action but great for wandering about. The mild weather continues into May, while rates and visitors fall. July through August is high season with great, dry beach weather.

The beach weather continues through October while the crowds disappear. As such, it seems the best time to visit the Canary Islands for the beach would be June, September and October.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for the Canary Islands

Which Canary Island should you visit?

Tenerife: Commercialized tourist spot (south) and remote (inland/north) depending on where you go. Good for the typical tourist who might like to explore off the grid a little (or not). Beaches, hiking, commercial activity, good food. Sunnier in the south.

Gran Canaria: Package holiday spot with exploration opportunities, much like a slightly smaller Tenerife. Has a mix of nightlife, forests, beaches (slightly better than Tenerife), mountains, hiking.

Lanzarote: Black sand beaches and other volcanic features. Good food, architecture, touristic-areas. Try the Malvasia, a dry white wine.

Fuerteventura: Beach and water activity focused island with barren landscape and white sand beaches. Head inland for Majorero cheese from the island’s goats. Windy. Birding.

La Palma: More natural, explorer based island, scenic. Verdant biosphere reserve, stargazing with observatory, empty black beaches, good food

La Gomera: Go here for solitude, hiking and wine. Not a beach island

El Hierro: Small, windy, remote biosphere reserve. Diving from La Restinga. Vineyards. Quiet. Great stargazing. Basic. With all that said, believe WiFi is island wide.

Try to Papas Arrugadas, potatoes boiled in salt water, with the Mojo sauce.

You can buy sea salt made in the Canary Islands

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