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National Park admission is free in Canada for 2017.

Best Time to Visit Canada

Short Answer: May to October.

Longer Answer: Peak foliage season will occur in September and early October. The salmon run occurs between September and November. Wildflowers blooming in the spring (April, May). Temperatures are great during the summertime and you have more daylight for exploring.

Obviously, for winter sports, head to Canada in November through April. March and April in the higher elevations can be nicest due to longer daylight and rising temperatures.

Summer in Banff is the rainy season so while the temperatures are more comfortable, you should pack accordingly.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Canada

For outdoor scenery & activity, Banff National Park and Jasper National Park should be looked into. You can buy a National Park access pass if you are going to be doing a lot of visiting.

Maligne Canyon
Spirit Island

Ironworks Distillery, Lunenberg, Nova Scotia
Tancook Brand Sauerkraut, Lunenberg, Nova Scotia (website)

Saint-Pierre & Miquelon: two French islands, 12 miles off coast of Newfoundland. Ferry from Fortune, Newfoundland (mid-April-November), and flights from St John’s & Halifax on Air Saint-Pierre.
Miquelon Seafood Festival every August

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