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Best Time to Visit Brazil

Note: Brazil, being south of the equator, has its winter in the June through August timeframe and its summer in the December to February timeframe.

Short Answer:
The short, short answer is the best time to visit Brazil is October and November when pretty much the whole country is great.

Long Answer:
Carnival is big in Brazil. Prices rise with the occasion. This celebration always falls in February or early March. Check the year for the dates. Prices also rise around Christmas/New Years, and Easter. From January 10th or so until Carnival is a sweet spot if you want to go in this timeframe but want to catch a slight budget/peak break.

Because Brazil is such a large country, the best time to visit depends on where you are:

For Rio: In reality visiting year-round isn’t a bad idea, although I think most would tell you to visit October to May. December through March will be hot, and thus perfect beach weather, but generally crowded. October, November, April and May will be tamed down versions of the heat but great beach weather. June through August should give you good daytime temperatures (even if locals don’t think so) but much of the beach action has fizzled out. Much of the thunderstorms (afternoon blasts) occur in the December through February timeframe. Rain & drizzle is common throughout the year but overall you should have good weather year-round.

Sao Paulo: March to November. December to February are better Rio destinations due to heat. It can be somewhat cool in the winter (June through August) but generally should be nice. Pretty close to Rio & follows the same idea.

The Pantanal (wildlife viewing, etc): June to mid-October, with the best August onwards. If you go in the wet season, roads will probably be worthless and thus you’d have to rely on planes. Bird watching is best in September and October.

Northeast, like Fortaleza: High’s in the 80s, lows in the 70’s pretty much year round. February to May is when most of the rain falls, mostly in the form of light rain with some thunderstorms. Carnival, as stated, is busy, as is July through November. Best time to visit much of the northeast would be September to December.

Fernando de Noronha: Great option in July through October, with the best being September and October.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Brazil

Trancoso: upscale beach town like an early St Tropez or Ibiza, better for a slightly older crowd. High season in Trancoso is Christmas to New Years timeframe. Feb & March have nice weather without the highest-season population surge.

Three islands to look into further, Ilha Grande, Ilha de Boipeba and Ilha de Marajó. Also check out Fernando de Noronha, a group of islands off the northeastern coast.

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