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Bermuda Beach in Color

Best Time to Visit Bermuda

Short Answer: Mid-April to Mid-June

Longer Answer: The temperatures never get cold in Bermuda, but the ocean does. And, the weather gets cool enough where a cold ocean doesn’t seem the greatest idea. As such, from mid-November through early April or so, plan on staying on land. Between riding around on mopeds and exploring the coastline or playing rounds of golf, the weather should be nice, but just not swimming weather. You could find fortune at the edges of this range whereby the air temperatures lift and swimming is feasible.

For point of reference, water temperatures are roughly the same in November and May (high enough for swimming). Water temperatures are similar December and March (brisk, bracing but swimmable and refreshing if the air temperatures were to be high enough).

By May, the temperatures have climbed well enough for swimming and the humidity has not yet arrived. Further, traditionally May experiences the least rainfall. As such, May is the best month to visit Bermuda. This nice weather continues into June. However, at some point, the humidity and nighttime temperatures climb to less comfortable levels and by July, the weather becomes more unsettled with some more thunderstorms and such (short-lived blasts – nothing that ruins a vacation). On the upside, skies are clearest in the June to September timeframe. All in all, these months are all good times to visit, especially if beach activity is the focus. However, the price tags are also much higher than the offseason period.

Getting back to water – June through September the water temperatures is quite warm, with August the warmest (30C/85F…is that refreshing by that point?).

By October, the temperatures are coming down while the sea temperatures are at a nice temperature. Thus, I think October through November makes a good time to visit.

From a budget standpoint, December to March would be the cheapest time to visit. April is a good period where you might be able to score a deal and good weather. May is great. Late June to September the water, air and humidity climb and start to come down. October and November is comfortable.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Bermuda

Rent a moped. Check out the limestone caves. Drink a rum swizzle.

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