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The north of the country has nice tribal outposts, architecture and, the main focus, the nature. The south of the country is the beach, the more accessible voodoo practitioners and customs and the history of the slave trade and more.

Best Time to Visit Benin

Short Answer: August, November and December are the best months to visit Benin.

Longer Answer: Many will say the best time to visit Central and Southern Benin would be between December and April when the precipitation has waned. The downside to this is that the dusty Saharan winds kick up from late-December through February, and hot temperatures and humidity will hit you in the February and March timeframe.

January is when the Voodoo Festival is, but you might suffer from the aforementioned Saharan sandstorms and whatnot, although it will be more comfortable temperature-wise in January than the following months.

Visiting in the February through April timeframe is not comfortable at all, but it is the best time to see the animals in the northern parks who are also suffering from the heat and crowding around the shrinking water spots.

From a precipitation standpoint, the rainy season, running from April/May through October (but moderating for August), has bursts of rain so fulls days are not ruined typically. The upside is that as the rain starts falling, the temperatures do as well.

The south, along the coast, is more rainy (and sees the rainy season come earlier) than the north. The rain obviously turns things green but also brings the downsides of rain such as making things harder to travel, providing a nice habitat to bugs, and making the seas rough.

As such, for greenery, clear skies and more comfortable temperatures, August is a good month to visit. And, once the rains stop, the end of October, November and early December should be quite relatively pleasant.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Benin

Benin can be a good, but empty, surf spot or so I have heard. A visa is typically required to visit.

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