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Best Time to Visit Belize

Short Answer: December to April.

Longer Answer: Belize is one of those places with a wet and dry season. Roughly speaking, the dry season runs from mid-November to early-May. Of course, because the countries to the north and experiencing winter, Belize gets quite busy just when the dry season is arriving. So there are a couple factors to account for.

First, if weather is your number one requirement, you are best going in March and April. This is when the skies are clear, the threat of precipitation is at its lowest and the temperatures are warm/hot and thus, a great time to swim. The slight downside to this timeframe is that the nights can be quite warm.

If budget value is the sole focus, then you might want to look at May or early June. The rainy season is coming in and the weather in the northern countries is improving. These two facts mean rates are coming down. Likewise, November can be a decent time to show up.

The only minor hitch about late November through mid-February or so is that you can have cold northerly winds come through. These are a good thing if you are hiking and exploring the interior and things such as the Mayan ruins.

If absolute budget is the sole focus (as in, money is absolutely king in your decision) visit during the June through October period. The later months in that range are the rainiest (with more rain in southern Belize than northern) but typically the rain comes in burst so you will still be able to get out and enjoy nature. While hurricanes are also a risk at this point, hotel rates are the most pleasant they’ll be.

As an added aside, going anytime in the March to June timeframe, especially around a full moon, could have the added benefit of being a good time for diving with whale sharks. April, around the full moon, seems to be the best month for this.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Belize

While definitely not a secret, the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (ATM Cave) could be a great thing to do in Belize if you are interested in a mix of nature and archaeology.

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