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Below are my notes for visiting Azerbaijan. These travel tips for visiting Azerbaijan are obtained from a variety of sources including some of the following: my first hand observations, personal conversations, magazines, newspapers, websites, books and so forth.

Best Time to Visit Azerbaijan

Short Answer: May through mid-June

Longer Answer: Azerbaijan has a slew of different climates due to its various geographical features such as coastlines and mountains and everything in between. Generally, April through June is a nice time to visit. July and August get hot but if you are hiking in higher elevations, then July and August would be great. June through August would also be good if you are parked at the beach.

The winters range from cruel to mild depending on your location. Or, if you want to ski, obviously winter is a better time than any.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Azerbaijan

Given that most visitors need a visa before getting into Azerbaijan, it is good news that progress is finally being made on an e-Visa system, called ASAN Viza. As of July 2016 it was still in process.

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