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Andorra is a small country in the Pyrenees mountains located between Toulouse, France and Barcelona, Spain.

Best Time to Visit Andorra

If you want to ski or engage in other winter sports, then December through March would be the best time to visit Andorra. Do note that this puts you in Andorra at the peak time. Snow can fall into May (even if resorts are closed by then) and as such, mid March through early April can be a good time to visit Andorra to skip crowds and lessen the budget blow.

If you want to hike or relax in warm temperatures, then it is best to visit Andorra in late May through September. May is typically rainy with half of the month experiencing some precipitation. October and November can be gray and rainy.

Fly fishing season runs between April and October.

Other Information About Andorra

One of Andorra’s main exports is tobacco.

Andorra has a good number of slopes perfect for people learning to ski. It is one of the better destinations for ski beginners.

It is also a relatively good shopping country as it is duty-free.

The easiest, or most typical, ways to reach Andorra would be to fly into the gateways of Barcelona or Toulouse.

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