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American Somoa is an island located in Oceania, between Hawaii and New Zealand.

Best Time to Visit American Samoa

Simply, the best time to visit American Samoa is May through September, followed by April and October. November through April is the wet season but it still is okay to visit during this timeframe. For more detail, read on:

Temperatures are warm all year-round. May through September would be the best time to visit. The wet season switches to dry in the April timeframe. The best thing the dry season brings is that the trade winds start to blow which make things somewhat more comfortable from a temperature and humidity standpoint. Despite the name of the season, if you go in the wet season, the rain isn’t the type that will ruin the whole vacation – rather it should just be quick bursts here and there bookended with sunshine. However, the wet season is when tropical storms can come through.

Note that for most of the year, inland is quite a cloudy/rainy place due to the mountains, etc. This is a different weather climate than what is experienced on the coasts/beaches of American Samoa.

If you want to get extra crazy, check New Zealand and Australia school schedules as longer school holidays contribute to surges in Pacific Island numbers. This is a general note about the Pacific Islands and not really specific to American Samoa.

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  • Brooke McAvoy says:

    It is funny that Samoa actually gets more dry in April while we are being rained on. To be honest, I don’t even mind the wet season. The warm island rain is something that you just don’t get to experience where I live. However, I do want to avoid big storms, so I will take your advice and visit in May anyway, thank you!

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