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Best Time to Visit Albania

The best time to visit Albania in my mind would be May to October, generally. I prefer when crowds aren’t as excessive, and when the weather isn’t as hot, so for the coast, I like September and October with nice temperatures, warm water, etc. Late April through mid-June can also be a decent time. In the middle of summer, it can get quite hot in Tirana, etc. so if you are going then, you’d probably want to be up in the mountains or parked at the beach.

So, due to the climate, the best time to visit the Albanian coastline would be September and October with a secondary best time to visit in May. If you are visiting the higher elevations, then anytime in the summer as well as the aforementioned months are a great time to go.

Obviously, if you are into skiing and winter sports, then you’ll do the opposite of the above, cause while winters are known for cold weather and precipitation, that is sort of the point in this instance.

One method to get to Albania is from Corfu, where there is a boat service that connects Corfu, Greece to Sarande, Albania.

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