#047: 10 Thoughts About JapanTak's dispatch released on 22 September 2015

Bamboo Forest in Japan

A couple of things that strike you about Japan

  1. If you go during cherry blossom season (let’s say late March/early April), make plans to go to strange places (unless you are one of those people that revel in being massive mobs of tourists trolling about). Otherwise don’t go during cherry blossom season
  2. Japanese Flower
  3. If you like flowers, Japan seems to be a pretty great place to go
  4. For as much as people say how expensive Japan is; it really is decent if you are coming from a place with similar economics (e.g. USA, Western Europe, etc.)
  5. Food is quite reasonable and excellent. You might get hooked on ramen
  6. People are very reserved in public. Don’t expect much interaction. Think Northern Europe/Northeastern US vs Southern Europe/US
  7. The train pass system is nice but terribly complex. It takes a lot of research. Some of the passes you need to buy before getting to Japan so do your research
  8. Tokyo + Kyoto ≠ Japan…it is quite diverse.
  9. Vending Machines. Lots & Lots of Vending Machines. Pay first at a machine before eating in many restaurants.
  10. Do NOT fly on Peach Airlines
  11. Great vintage shops, great guitar shops, great writing utensils, great knives & cooking tools
Black & White Flowers in Japan Canal Outside of Kyoto Black & White Flowers
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