Cheapest Way To Get From NYC and EWR (Newark Airport)Tak's dispatch released on 20 November 2016

The cheapest way to get from NYC and EWR (Newark Airport) and back is as follows:

Cheapest Way to get from NYC to EWR

I suppose the cheapest way is to do something illegal.

For the second cheapest way:

Take the PATH train from NYC to Newark Penn Station (note: Newark Penn Station in New Jersey (the state next to New York) is different from Penn Station in NYC). The easiest most straight forward method is to take the PATH from the World Trade Center Transportation Hub (aka The Oculus) to Newark Penn Station. You can use a Metrocard (currently $2.75) for this ride.

At Newark Penn Station, go to the ground level and out the doors following signs for the Buses (Raymond Ave). There will be a bus loading area with numerous lanes. Cross a couple of these lanes, looking for the signage for the 62 Bus. Board the #62 Bus (direction Elizabeth). To check the current fare and schedule, go to the NJTransit site, select schedules for Bus and make sure you have the selection so that it is showing you Terminals and not towns.

You will want to select “Newark Penn Station in Essex Co” and “Newark International Airport” and whatever Terminal you are going to.

If the fare is $1.60 (which is what it is currently) then you should bring exact change to pay onboard the bus. The bus does except dollar bills. If you do not have exact change, you can pay more than the fare but will not get any change returned.

So – in summary – For NYC to Newark International Airport (EWR) you take PATH from WTC to Newark Penn and the No 62 Bus (Elizabeth) to the Airport.

Cheapest Way to get from EWR to NYC

On the return, do not follow the Ground Transportation signs. You are instead going leave the terminal, head down to the floor with the baggage claim and then go down another floor (Floor 1). Head outside, cross a lane, and you should see the bus stops in front of you.

Terminal A, head to bus stop 2 & 3. The 62 Bus should pick up there. Make sure you get on the bus that reads Newark Penn Station and NOT Elizabeth.

Terminal B, head to bus stop 8. Make sure you get on the bus that reads Newark Penn Station and NOT Elizabeth.

Terminal C, head to bus stop 4. Make sure you get on the bus that reads Newark Penn Station and NOT Elizabeth.

The bus will bring you all the way to Newark Penn Station which is essentially the Newark Train Station. You will realize this because the bus will pull into a somewhat underground bus station which is the train station. It is also the last stop.

Exit the bus and head in that same direction across the bus lanes and inside. Once inside, you are going to head to the left and up the stairs, following signs for the PATH train and board the train to New York City (World Trade Center). Depending on time, there are several options of where you can go but for simplicity sake, you can take the WTC (World Trade Center) train. The last stop will be your stop, where you can connect to the NYC Subway, etc.

Alternatives to get from NYC and EWR

If you have a high maintenance or even medium maintenance significant other who has no interest in saving money, you should not attempt this if traveling together. Take the AirTrain (like a thrifty gentleman) from the Airport Terminal to the Train Station, and then take the train from EWR (Newark Airport) to NYC Penn Station. Yes it is somewhat more costly but efficient and easy.

Secondly, if you have tons of baggage or if you are a clueless tourist or if you are bad at directions or just want the easiest route (not involving a taxi), then you can take the Airport Express bus to/from Newark International Airport to NYC. Look for the “Bus” signs and you will see the Airport Express bus stop. Note that roads are sometimes full of traffic in which case you’ll wish you took a train into NYC but alas…

Hope that was all helpful

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