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Best Time to Visit Spain

Short Answer: The best time to visit Spain is March through May, or September through November.

Longer Answer: I am of the opinion that for the most part, Spain is good for the entire year, although my least favorite time would be July and August.

Winter (December through February) is generally warmer than many other cities in the northern hemisphere, so while it isn’t the Caribbean, it is comfortable to explore with a jacket. The best part about this time of year is it’s when tourist numbers decrease to allow you to breathe.

The Spring (March through May) finds wonderful temperatures and hasn’t gotten the onslaught of holidaymakers and children out of school.

The Summer (June through August) would be my least favorite time because the temperatures are hot, the crowds are at their highest and the lodging rates and so forth are at their peak. However, of course, if you want to sunbathe at the beach, or go clubbing in the high season of Ibiza, this would be a great time to do it.

The Autumn (September through November) would be my favorite time as the water is warm, the days are a little more bearable than summer, the harvests occur and the summer surge of tourists has started a decent.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Spain

Visit Mallorca and eat Ensaimadas, which are also found in Valencia, Catalonia, etc. Ensaimadas are handmade donut-like pastries, which can be filled.

30 mins from Madrid via train sits the town of Segovia with its pedestrian streets, roman ruins, cathedrals, etc. You can seek out judiones de la granja, a white bean stew (beans cooked with chorizo, morcilla, pork, etc), utilizing local beans. After that, feel free to try the roasted suckling pig, for which Segovia is well known.

Just a bit outside of Segovia, visit the village of Pedraza. If you go during the first two Saturdays of July, they shut off all electric lights and light candles through town. Obviously this brings tourists, so weigh your interests.

If you are looking for a quieter alternative to Ibiza, try Formentera. Formentera has good beaches, such as Playa de Des Illetes and Playa Migjorn. For good snorkeling, head to Es Calo. You can buy espadrilles from El Pilar de la Mola (market on Wed/Sun afternoons), or leather sandals from Ishvara. One interesting item you might be interested in would be the leather-strapped beach baskets which you may find at the local hardware store.

Around San Sebastian, Spain in Basque Country – it is known for cider. Cider season is mid-January through April. Sagardotegi is the name of a cider house if you are interested in that experience. If so, go to the Sagardotegi in cider season and you buy a meal with unlimited cider included.

Obviously, to add to that, San Sebastian is known for its food scene. That said, I actually prefered Bilboa altogether as it had a little bit more grit and local feel to me. The northern coastline is remote & wild, and a pleasure to see.

Barcelona Boqueria can be a good market to check out for produce, seafood, meat, etc. However, much in Barcelona is very touristy these days, and this would be on the tourist street and of course touristy. If you like it here, seek out less touristy markets which indeed exist.

Words/Foods to Try: gambas (prawns), sardines, mojama (cured tuna)

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