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Best Time to Visit Serbia

Short Answer: Mid-April to Mid-October

Longer Answer: Anytime is fine but the winter can be quite cold and gloomy. The EXIT music festival is a large draw into Serbia in the beginning of July. Serbia doesn’t suffer from the overload of dopes on summer vacation so it’s a good spot in the summer.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Serbia

To get from Belgrade Airport to the city of Belgrade, you can take the A1 minivan which (last I was there) picks up outside of the baggage claim. This is good if you are headed to the train station or south of it. If you want to save money or are heading to Savamala area, take the 72 bus which you can find outside of the departures area (go upstairs from baggage claim) and ride it to the end (final stop is near a McDonalds). For more you might be able to check here

Try pljeskavica and cevapi

Check out Princ Leather for handmade Serbian leather goods

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