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Samao is a cheaper version of Tahiti, etc. but obviously has less of the conveniences. The downside is locals are already starting to charge you to see things. The upside is that the tourist droves haven’t completely plundered the country yet. Great beaches, great water and hiking. Cultural authenticity will not last forever.

Best Time to Visit Samoa

Short Answer: mid-April to mid-November is great

Longer Answer: The best time if you want to avoid rain would be Mid-May through September. If you want to avoid the heaviest rain, then mid-April to mid-November is great. Avoid Samao from mid-November to mid-April if you are rain averse as that is when most of the rain falls. Mid-November to mid-April also has hotter nights. In general, all year round is good temperatures and it rains to some degree throughout the year.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips for Samoa

ATMs outside airport are sparse. Carry low bills if able.

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